Back on that Destiny 2 Grind!

It had been a while since I had played some Destiny 2 but last week I decided to jump back on with the Solstice of Heroes event ongoing at the moment and before I knew it, I was hooked again and heading to bed at 4am! I love the fact that there is so much to do on Destiny 2 and with Shadowkeep coming on October 1st I am eager to try and grind as much as I can!

I think it is amazing how a game like Destiny 2 can have so much going for it and keep players wanting to come back for more and more.

You will be seeing a lot more Destiny 2 coming to streams over the coming few months as well as other games too.

The grind is very much real! <3


Why Fortnite?

I feel a lot of the time, many streamers are always worried about playing games such as Fortnite as they do not want to be pushed into that category of them only being a Fortnite streamer or they don’t want to be told they only play Fortnite for the views. I myself just recently have been doing a lot of Fortnite streams on Mixer and this hasn’t been me forcing myself to play Fortnite I have genuinely been enjoying Fortnite as a game and I am loving the new updates that are coming to the game on a regular basis. Does this mean I will never stream another game? No, if the urge arises for me to jump on another game when I stream, I will do just that without hesitation. Streaming is about you having fun and enjoying what you are doing and playing, I have been enjoying Fortnite so much just recently and being able to share that with people on stream has been amazing!

I guess with it being such a popular game, people will always see people who play Fortnite as the one’s who are ‘Doing it for the views’ which is a shame as many people, many of whom I have been into their streams genuinely enjoy it and are playing it because it makes them happy.


Push for Partnership on Mixer!

The time has come for me to start pushing for partnership on Mixer. Is this something that is going to be easy? No, far from it. It is going to take a lot of work, dedication and time to get partnered and this is something I feel I am ready for. I love streaming it’s fun and I love how I can socialise and meet new people from all over the world just by playing games and having fun! I would greatly appreciate it if you would support me in this push for partnership and know that any support that goes into the push will never go unnoticed! Thank you all and I will see you on Mixer!! <3


Thank you for 2000 followers on Mixer!!

On Tuesday the 6th August I hit 2000 followers on Mixer. When I first started streaming in October 2017, it was for a hobby and something I never thought would take off as well as it has done. Partnership was never something I had thought about but now I am confident that with more work and dedication I can one day apply for Partnership on Mixer. I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me from the beginning and also to my moderators who have been there to help keep those trolls at bay and help keep the chat moving and keep the chat clean. I also want to thank anyone who has supported me in terms of hosts, raids and even lurks, non of the support ever goes unnoticed and I will always repay the favour as and when I can.

Partnership Push is very much something I am going for now and I am super ready for the hardwork and dedication that goes into that. Your support through this push and way beyond would be very much appreciated and again, will never go unnoticed!

Thank you <3


Partnership by 31st December 2019?

So I thought it was crazy to set myself a goal to be partnered on Mixer by 31st December 2019, however, so many people told me that I would get it and it’s not an unrealistic goal. The more people that told me I would get it the more I started to realize myself with the strong growth I have had since the middle of May that it really is a goal I could reach. So with that being said, my goal for 2019 is to become a partnered streamer on Mixer.

What happens if I don’t get it by 31st December 2019? Nothing.. I will continue to work hard and hopefully get it a little later.

Let the hard work commence!

Streaming 1

My Goals!

When becoming a streamer, we all have those little goals we want to achieve, it can be 100 follows, 200 follows that first 1000 follows and when we reach them we set a new goal for ourselves and work our way towards that. Goals keep up going I feel even when things get tough.

Goals for me in terms of streaming are no different. When I first started streaming, I did it for fun and as a hobby directly from my Xbox. I would stream randomly at different times and quickly rose to 200 follows within a few months. I soon realized that I enjoyed streaming and wanted to do it more seriously. I began upgrading my stream firstly purchasing a PC that I would be able to stream from which my boyfriend SmokeyDevil helped me get, from there I bought a new microphone, a new webcam and eventually got myself a green screen to have the set up I have now. It took a good few months for me to get the set up I have now and to get my stream to where it is now where I was happy with it. Once I was happy with my set up I began creating goals for myself such as 500 followers and 1000 followers. By July 2018 I was at 1000 followers and couldn’t believe I had got that far. From there my health took a turn for the worst and as much as I tried to stream regularly I had trouble keeping a solid schedule. Going from 1000 followers to 1,400 followers took a lot of time as I saw a slow increase in followers with me not having a solid schedule due to health issues.

By early May 2019 my doctor started treating me for Fibromyalgia and I have so far felt so much more better than I had in a long time. From May 13th 2019 (My birthday) until now (1st June 2019) I have managed to keep a somewhat steady schedule and I can’t believe how much that has helped me in terms of streaming. I am now very close to 1,600 followers and have created a goal for myself of 2000 followers. I do not have a set date to reach that goal, just that I would love to reach 2000 followers. Another goal I have for myself is Mixer Partnership which I would love to achieve in 2019 if possible but I know that can take some time and I may not get that this year.

Is Partnership the end goal for me? No, it is not. Partnership is a goal to start a new chapter in streaming for me. Partnership opens up a whole lot more for a streamer when they get there and the goals that you can make when you receive partnership are never ending. I already find myself sitting and brain storming ideas I have for when I do get partnership and things like emotes I already have a lot of ideas written down.

Gaining Partnership on Mixer would be an absolute dream for me. I never thought I would enjoy streaming until I tried it and I have met so many awesome people throughout the whole 1 and a half years I have been streaming on Mixer, people I would never had of met if I had not been a part of Mixer.

Hopefully those goals I have can be reached and reaching them in 2019 would be absolutely amazing!