Thank you for 2000 followers on Mixer!!

On Tuesday the 6th August I hit 2000 followers on Mixer. When I first started streaming in October 2017, it was for a hobby and something I never thought would take off as well as it has done. Partnership was never something I had thought about but now I am confident that with more work and dedication I can one day apply for Partnership on Mixer. I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me from the beginning and also to my moderators who have been there to help keep those trolls at bay and help keep the chat moving and keep the chat clean. I also want to thank anyone who has supported me in terms of hosts, raids and even lurks, non of the support ever goes unnoticed and I will always repay the favour as and when I can.

Partnership Push is very much something I am going for now and I am super ready for the hardwork and dedication that goes into that. Your support through this push and way beyond would be very much appreciated and again, will never go unnoticed!

Thank you <3

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