Why Fortnite?

I feel a lot of the time, many streamers are always worried about playing games such as Fortnite as they do not want to be pushed into that category of them only being a Fortnite streamer or they don’t want to be told they only play Fortnite for the views. I myself just recently have been doing a lot of Fortnite streams on Mixer and this hasn’t been me forcing myself to play Fortnite I have genuinely been enjoying Fortnite as a game and I am loving the new updates that are coming to the game on a regular basis. Does this mean I will never stream another game? No, if the urge arises for me to jump on another game when I stream, I will do just that without hesitation. Streaming is about you having fun and enjoying what you are doing and playing, I have been enjoying Fortnite so much just recently and being able to share that with people on stream has been amazing!

I guess with it being such a popular game, people will always see people who play Fortnite as the one’s who are ‘Doing it for the views’ which is a shame as many people, many of whom I have been into their streams genuinely enjoy it and are playing it because it makes them happy.

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