March Giveaway!

During the month of March, there will be an ongoing giveaway which will be based off the currency in my Mixer chat which is Kitty Treats (!kt to check Kitty Treats in chat).

The person with the most Kitty Treats by March 31st will be gifted Mixer Pro by me. There are so many ways for you to be able to earn Kitty Treats in the chat and these are listed below.

1. Just being in the stream and watching
2. Playing in chat games such as Spin (!spin) and Russian Roulette (!rr)
3. Winning giveaways that I do on stream for either Kitty Treats or Streamloots Chests.
4. Receiving Streamloots cards for Kitty Treats to be added to your account
5. Battle Royales that are done every so often by myself or my mods using Stream Avatars.

The person with the most Kitty Treats in chat will be contacted by myself so that I can gift the code for Mixer Pro. Being a part of my Discord or my Twitter would enable me to contact you easier to gift this, if not catching you in the chat in stream will be the only other way.

The winner will also be announced here on the site as well :3

Good Luck!! <3


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