Auto Hosts

Auto hosts seem to have become a whole lot more popular over the last few months to a year which I feel is great but that all depends on how you are using them. I personally myself love to use my auto host when I am not at my PC and will admit that I did fall into a habit of forgetting to turn off the auto host I was using whilst I was at my PC so it would be auto hosting people and I was not always getting into their streams.

I have now taken to turning the auto host off that I was using and will be using an auto host through my bot which I will enable when I know I am going to be away from the PC for a while, this will then be turned off when I am actively on my PC again.

Don’t get me wrong, I love auto hosts and I understand that for many people, auto hosts are their way of supporting because they are so busy away from Mixer and their PC which is understandable but I can’t help but feel myself that many people rely solely on auto hosts now and there is less and less interaction from people which is a shame.

I feel that if auto hosts are used in the right way, they can help viewers and streamers immensely. What are your thoughts?


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