Hosts no longer counting?

I have been hearing a lot recently of people being worried that hosts are no longer counting when it comes to views, especially when it comes to wanting to apply for partnership on Mixer. Something I have been looking at just recently when streaming myself and heading into other people’s streams is how many views I initially end up with after a host or auto host or how many views someone else initially ends up with when they are hosted or auto hosted and then I have compared this using MixerStats and it has given me a whole new picture.

It would seem that the only ones that do tend to count are of those who interact in someway in the chat, whether it be from talking, dropping sparks or embers.

This brings me back to a previous post I made not too long ago here on my blog where raids still help streamers as well as viewers. Active raiders in the chat will help the host turn into a active views and that is not the only bonus, streamers and viewers then have a way to meet new people as well! Streaming is a huge world and finding new people is not always easy, raids help you and others find new people which makes building communities more possible.

So what this comes down to is that hosts do help as long as active viewers come over with the host and interact in chat.

I could be completely wrong on this but this is just something I have noticed myself. Your thoughts are appreciated.


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