We Miss Raids!

I can’t help but feel that the fun that was had when raiding with a streamer or being raided is now gone when it comes to streaming. I stream on Mixer myself mostly and have noticed over the last nearly 3 years of me actively being on the site, raids have gone from being an all the time thing to very rare which is a shame.

Many people I feel have become worried about hosting depending on how big of a streamer they are or how many people come over to help them with the raid and this has come about after some streamers have complained about how many people were raiding.

A raid no matter how big and how many viewers come over to help with the raid or are dropped on you through the host I feel should not matter at all. I personally love a raid no matter how big or small and will welcome the viewers and the raiders with open arms.

The question is, as a community can we make raiding great again and can we change people’s minds on whether a raid would be worth it or not.

I myself will admit that I have in the past not raided because there was only two of us or 3 of us who wanted to raid but after hearing so many others saying they raid no matter what and also hearing others say that they appreciate the raid no matter how many come in to participate it has pushed me to want to raid more often no matter how many of us.

Let’s Make Raids Great Again!!


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